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As a full service advertising agency, we offer our clients with a broad range of services ranging from designing print publications and point of sales material to coordinating sponsored events and campaigns. We are a team formed by innovative minds and you can expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to your projects.
Corporate Identity & Branding

In the fast-paced world of instant messaging and microwavable three-course dinners, sometimes the first impression is the only impression you’ll get to make. At IDEAL ADVERTISING, we put a face to the soul and a smile to the voice. We can take care of everything, down to the logo, the colors, even the name. Through us, we help get your foot in the door, while looking pretty darn good doing it. Don’t worry – we’ve got you.


It’s hard out there for a company. Especially now with the World Wide Web, it’s possible for new businesses and services to crop up as easily as a click of a button. Having a website just isn’t enough anymore – having a good website, however, can make all the difference. IDEAL ADVERTISING can assist you in getting the most from this internet age and establish a professional plan that will successfully carry your business into the 21st century. So stop waiting and get found.


Times are changing eight gigabytes a second and what might have been popular five minutes ago might already be considered old news by now. At IDEAL ADVERTISING, we make sure you stay ahead of the curve, up to date with the latest in communicative and interactive technology. We blog, we Facebook, we tweet – we do it all.

Advertising & Media Relations

Here at IDEAL ADVERTISING, we like to baby our clients. You’ve already worked so hard; why not let us take some of the load off? Let us make use of our many strong connections with the various media sources available, so we can ensure that your company’s reputation is handled with respect and care. Not only do we make sure your word gets out there, but we make sure it can’t be ignored. So relax, put your feet up, and catch up with your favorite television show… We’ll take it from here.

Direct Marketing

IDEAL ADVERTISING knows you’ve got a lot to offer. What we also know is how to offer it. Nowadays there’s nothing more effective than putting yourself right into your customer’s hands. Forget the middle man. We put you out there, get you to mingle, and give your customers exactly what they didn’t even realize they wanted. Now it’s personal.

Events Management & Organization

Believe it or not, IDEAL ADVERTISING loves to sweat the small stuff. That’s why they consider us a top-to-bottom event organizer. Whether you have a product launch, a staff party, or a press conference coming up, IDEAL ADVERTISING will give it the creative and professional touch that’s sure to keep everyone talking about it for days afterward. All you need to worry about is figuring out what to wear. It’s your party – why not enjoy it?


Anyone who’s ever looked at a copy of a picture and wondered what that big pink splotch is in the corner (hint: your thumb) knows that taking pictures isn’t as simple as aim, click, and print. Like most other arts, there’s a method to the creativity. Angles and lighting are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to photography, and we know all about that. Whether it’s in studio, on site, or a product shot, IDEAL ADVERTISING is never out of focus.

Print Communications

Let’s be real: even in a small island community like ours, word-of-mouth advertising just isn’t cutting it anymore. Oftentimes the only way to get someone’s attention is to grab it. That’s where IDEAL ADVERTISING comes in. Communication with the customers through print is perhaps one of the easiest and surest ways to get your word out. So no matter what message you have– say it, we’ll display it.


Sometimes one plan of action just isn’t enough. Sometimes the hardest part is not getting their attentions, but keeping it. In these cases the best strategy is to hit them from all angles. IDEAL ADVERTISING knows exactly where to hit and just how hard. With a campaign you’re getting the full package and then some. After all, life’s all about variety.

Indoor Displays

Everyone has a personal bubble – an imaginary region surrounding a person which they regard as psychologically theirs. A common advertiser’s mistake is to get too in-your-face with their target audience, turning everyone off by invading their personal bubbles. What we do at IDEAL ADVERTISING is to help you get close enough that they’ll want to pull you in themselves. Respect the bubble. Let us show you how.

Outdoor Displays

Unlike TV, radio, print, and web, outdoor is the media that the audience cannot turn off, miss, or skip. Though does that mean that your message will be seen and understood? Of course not! It’s a big world out there, but here at IDEAL ADVERTISING we help you make use of your enormity to strategize your exposure. It’s true! Bigger can be better.

Digital Signage

Sizzle media is the most innovative and cost-efficient way to dynamically reach your customers where traditional media cannot! Geographically spread throughout Guam’s high traffic districts this piece of technology can and will help you reach your audience.