February 3 – March 16 | 2pm – 3pm

Introduction to Filmmaking



Production Stages


Program Description: Future Filmmaker Program

Course Duration: 7 Sessions of 1 hour each

Welcome to our immersive Future Filmmaker Program designed for young minds eager to explore the magical world of filmmaking. Over the course of seven engaging sessions, each lasting 1 hour, participants will embark on a comprehensive journey through the art and craft of filmmaking. Here’s a breakdown of the exciting topics covered in each week:

Week 1: Introduction to Filmmaking

  • Explore the history of cinema
  • Dive into the elements of visual storytelling
  • Learn about basic camera fundamentals

Week 2: Scriptwriting / Storyboarding

  • Basics of story structure
  • Develop characters
  • Visual storytelling with storyboards

Week 3: Pre-Production

  • Storyboard continuation
  • Locations for filming
  • Explore the fundamentals of production design

Week 4: Production

  • Learn the essentials of operating a camera
  • The art of framing shots
  • Experiment with different shot types and camera angles

Week 5: Production Continues

  • Continue experimenting with different shots and  angles

Week 6: Post-Production

  • Fundamentals of editing
  • Add music and sound effects to enhance the narrative
  • Explore color grading techniques
  • Dive into the world of special effects

Week 7: Movie Premiere

  • A special showing to showcase the short film created by our talented young filmmakers
  • Celebrate creativity and cinematic achievements
  • Share experiences and insights gained throughout the program

Our carefully curated Future Filmmaker Program provides a unique opportunity for kids to not only learn the technical aspects of filmmaking but also to unleash their creativity and tell compelling stories on the big screen. Join us on this exciting cinematic journey, where imaginations soar and the magic of filmmaking comes to life!

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For kids ages 8-13. Slots are free and limited.


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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to ignite the imagination of the next generation by inspiring and empowering young storytellers through the art of filmmaking. We recognize the uniqueness of every child’s perspective and are dedicated to providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to transform their stories into captivating cinematic experiences.

Through our after-school program, we aim to cultivate a love for storytelling, foster collaboration and creativity, and establish a secure and encouraging environment where children can not only learn but also express themselves freely. Our ultimate goal is to equip these young minds with the skills and confidence necessary to pursue their passion for filmmaking and, in doing so, make a positive impact on the world through the powerful stories they tell.

Organizational Capacity:

Our after-school filmmaking program for kids is thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to 8 students. Our dedicated space is fully equipped with the essential tools and resources for filmmaking. The program is led by experienced instructors with backgrounds in film production, education, or related fields, ensuring a rich learning experience for our students.

Each session is meticulously planned and structured to provide a comprehensive education in all facets of filmmaking, from the fundamentals of scriptwriting to the intricacies of post-production. Furthermore, we offer students the unique opportunity to produce short films, showcasing their work on a big screen.

In essence, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering a high-quality and engaging after-school filmmaking program that is inclusive and accessible to all, irrespective of background or experience.

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For kids ages 8-13. Slots are free and limited.


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